Spear of Destiny (Paperback)

By Dyrek G. M.

Luminis Books, Inc., 9781935462392, 258pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2011



In medieval Germany, Hildegard of Bingen was born with a gift-the ability to see beyond this earthly realm. But a gift can also be a burden, especially when Hildegard's vision helps her witness the vicious murder of a monk at the monastery of Disibodenberg. When the peace of the monastery is shattered by a second gruesome murder, Hildegard seeks the help of Volmar, her trusted scribe. He discovers a treacherous plot to seize the Spear of Destiny-a holy relic rumored to bear a curse that haunts anyone who tries to wield its power for their own purposes.Volmar and Hildegard are cast into a web of violence and intrigue spawned by the greed of power-hungry noblemen, deceitful clerics, and the ambitions of a secret society sworn to protect the warriors of the Crusades. Book One of The Seer and the Scribe series begins where recorded history is silent, introducing you to the extraordinary lives of Hildegard and Volmar, as they challenge the darkness of this fearful time.

About the Author

G. M. Dyrek is a former emergency room counselor and CIA graphic illustrator. She is currently a middle school librarian. She lives in Tennessee.