0.174 (Paperback)

The Complete Numbers Cycle

By Gordon Massman, Gordon Lester-Massman

NYQ Books, 9781935520443, 400pp.

Publication Date: June 6, 2011



Gordon Massman's 0.174: The Complete Numbers Cycle is an intricate exposure of the self. In this 20 years' culmination of work, he has dared to make the invisible visible. Perhaps on some level a perverse project, 0.174 lays open in depth-confession, in laboratory precision Massman's innermost fantasies, obsessions, urges, and fears which might, he hopes, provide at least a splintered reflection into one's own humanity. In either case-whether private or universal-here opens an increasingly cathartic examination of Massman's particular psychology observed as acutely and honestly as he is capable. In so doing he has treated what mainstream society generally considers vulgar or unsavory, as valuable and often beautiful. It is his hope that some who attempt this book will agree that all human thought and feeling is worthy of song. Often satirical in tone, this book represents the nekyia, the down, inward going, of an epic tale that is life itself.