Infinite Instances: Studies and Images of Time (Hardcover)

Studies and Images of Time

By Olga Ast

Mark Batty Publisher, 9781935613213, 224pp.

Publication Date: August 30, 2011



Filmmaker Phillip Adams once said, “Of all the big questions of existence… none impacts our daily lives more than the problem of time.”  The notion of time has always mystified and attracted the speculation of societies and civilizations. Each major stage of our lives is delineated by a construct of time: birth, death, marriage, retirement. Deadlines rule our working days and, increasingly, our leisure activities.
Artist and designer Olga Ast, thanks to the contributions of approximately sixty international artists, writers, scientists, architects and filmmakers, has compiled in Infinite Instances an astounding compendium of studies of time. 

About the Author

Olga Ast is a conceptual interdisciplinary artist whose work investigates the connection between space, time and information, and the impact that they have on everything that we find around us. "Infinite Instances" (originally started as Archetime) is supported in part by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, The Tank Space for Performing and Visual Arts and NYC Future Salon.