Kill, Marry, Fuc (Hardcover)

By Sarah Huber

Mark Batty Publisher, 9781935613374, 128pp.

Publication Date: November 29, 2011



Part party game, part voyage of self-discovery, part celebrity trivia, all laugh-riot scintillation, Kill, Marry, Fuc presents readers with trios of celebrities and objects, asking, Who would you kill, Who would you marry, Who would you fuck? Featuring author Sarah Huber's hilarious commentary, each set of photos highlights a different quirk of stardom and popular culture. The connections Huber makes are electrically funny, from putting together a group of has-been gingers like Danny Bonaduce to probing readers' reactions to starlets from cinema's golden age. A bit crude, very fun and funny, and completely irreverent, KMF will find a place in the homes of pop-culture connoisseurs the world over.

About the Author

Sarah Huber graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Television Production and went straight to work for "Entertainment Tonight." For the past five years she has worked as the voice over coordinator for ET's sister show, "The Insider."