Everyman's Marx (Paperback)

By Roger Gathman

Mark Batty Publisher, 9781935613442, 160pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2012



More than twenty years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet political system, history continues apace. Free market capitalism has failed to deliver on its utopian promises, and there has been a renewed interest, especially in light of the current global recession, in Karl Marx. "Everyman's Marx" offers a fresh take on Marx's work and legacy by, in the author's words, "defamiliarizing" it. Like other titles in MBP's Everyman's series, this book pairs contemporary, insightful text with images that elucidate the major ideas and biographies of our time's most vital thinkers, all in an affordable and attractive format. "Everyman's Marx" turns an illuminating eye on the celebrated and vilified, and often misunderstood, work of Karl Marx.

About the Author

Cultural critic, writer, and editor Roger Gathman has been writing on Marx for over a decade. His lively and engaging examination of Marx centers the controversial figure in his time and place as well as demonstrates the continued relevance of his work today. In" Everyman's Marx," Gathman presents a side of Marx not often seen.