Drawing Autism (Paperback)

By Jill Mullin

Mark Batty Publisher, 9781935613480, 160pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 2012



First identified in 1943, autism has over the last decade become an international topic of conversation. Knowing no racial, ethnic, or social barriers, today autism is diagnosed in one in every 150 children. No two diagnoses are the same, hence the reason autism is known as a spectrum disorder. The book divides the artwork into thematic chapters that demonstrate characteristics of the disorder, like "repetition" and "interaction."
"Drawing Autism "celebrates the artistry and self-expression found in the drawings, paintings, and collages created by people diagnosed with autism. The work of over fifty contributors exhibits an array of unique perspectives on how these individuals see the world and their places in it.
"It is a stunning, thoughtful, and yes, hopeful book that is not just for families touched by autism, but for all who are curious about the disorder, which affects more than 1 in 150 children. The introduction by Mullin and a foreword by best-selling author Temple Grandin provide an informative overview of autism, a disorder that even seasoned parents of children with autism like myself have a hard time explaining." --San Francisco Chronicle.

About the Author

Jill Mullin is a New York City-based behavior analyst and educator working as a clinical supervisor, training teachers and social workers to use a behavioral approach when working with individuals diagnosed with autism and their families.

Temple Grandin is an American doctor of animal science and professor at Colorado State University, bestselling author, and consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior. As a person with high-functioning autism, Grandin is widely noted for her work in autism advocacy.