The Berlin Cookbook. Traditional Recipes and Nourishing Stories. the First and Only Cookbook from Berlin, Germany (Paperback)

By Rose Marie Donhauser, Eva Schweitzer (Producer), Eberhard Delius (Designed by)

Berlinica, 9781935902508, 100pp.

Publication Date: December 1, 2010



The Berlin Cookbook reveals how to make Schnitzel, Currywurst, Eisbein, Doner Kebab, and those jelly donuts known as Berliners-and how easy it is, since Berlin cuisine is simple, wholesome, and down-to-earth. This cookbook offers traditional recipes and also tells stories about the heritage and history of Berlin food: how Eisbein got its name, why King Friedrich II made Prussian farmers plant potatoes, how meatballs were imported by French Huguenots, where to find Sauerkraut in Berlin, and how Otto von Bismarck got himself a herring. It is the first English-language Berlin cookbook available, published by Berlinica, the only Berlin-themed publishing house in America.

About the Author

Rose Marie Donhauser is an experienced cook, cookbook author, travel journalist, food critic, and a member of the jury of Berlin s master chefs, which honors the city s best restaurants. She lives in Berlin."