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American Neolithic

Terence Hawkins


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Paperback (5/21/2014)


America has become a Police State Lite. A dirty bomb scare in L.A. has led to a national hysteria. Drones patrol the skies. Civil liberties have been dramatically curtailed. The Patriot Amendments have been added to the Constitution. The Homeland Police and Patriot Tribunal have exclusive jurisdiction over all legal actions implicating national security legal. Enter Blingbling, the last literate member of the sole surviving band of Neanderthals. Equipped with the gift of learning, he is sent into the world to earn money for his people, who live in squalor on Manhattan's Lower East Side. His dancing talent earns him respect and a name. It also earns him the attention of a hip-hop group whose front man frames him in the murder of a rival. Raleigh, retained as his attorney by other competitors, initially believes Bling's made-up story, intended to protect his people. But when the Homeland Police conduct a routine DNA swab and find Bling matches no known human genotype, Raleigh undertakes his own inquiries and discovers the truth. Will Raleigh choose to help the Neanderthals rather than advance his career? Will Bling be set free?

C&r Press, 9781936196333, 206pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2014