Billy Fog Volume 2: The Boy Who No Longer Believed in Santa Claus (Hardcover)

The Boy Who No Longer Believed in Santa Claus

By Guillaume Bianco, Guillaume Bianco (Illustrator)

Archaia Entertainment, 9781936393770, 112pp.

Publication Date: July 8, 2014



Father Christmas: a dream or a nightmare? Billy's cat, Tarzan, has died. And even Santa Claus seems unable to bring him back to the life. So, how can Billy have faith in him...especially when the young boy discovers a Santa Claus outfit hidden in his parents' room? Is Father Christmas all a ruse -- a devious way for adults to discipline their credulous children?

About the Author

Guillaume Bianco was born in 1976. His imagination was fed by folk tales -- both new ones such as those in the children's books of Roald Dahl, and old ones from the collections of Guy de Maupassant -- and especially by the songs of Georges Brassens to which he devoted boundless admiration. A bad pipe smoker, he eventually switched to common cigarettes and abandoned his guitar for a pen and paper, his drawings seeming a little more "right." His wish: to tell stories for adults and children, address taboos, and raise big questions all while entertaining. And with Billy Fog, Eco, and Epictetus published in his native France and soon in America, his wish seems to be coming true!