Deep Relaxation (Hardcover)

Coming Home to Your Body

By Sister Chan Khong

Parallax Press, 9781937006273, 40pp.

Publication Date: November 30, 2012

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For nearly 30 years Sister Chan Khong’s Deep Relaxation practice has been a highlight for thousands of people who have attended Order of Interbeing Buddhist retreats. With Deep Relaxation the reader/listener will learn to meditate and relax body and mind at the deepest level, leading to a measurable reduction of stress levels. Sister Chan Khong effectively guides readers/listeners through the practice with a combination of spoken words and traditional songs from around the world, initiating a process that shows how we can achieve a more positive and healthy life as we move out of the meditation and into the world. With her soothing voice, her pacing, her extensive experience of practicing mindfulness in everyday life—and with the beauty of the gentle music— practitioners are able to achieve a state of profound relaxation.

The relaxation practice is designed not only for those interested in mindfulness or Buddhism, but for anyone who needs to relieve stress. Working with the body’s innate capacity to heal itself, these exercises will bring the listener/reader to experience ever deeper levels of relaxation that can activate the body's natural healing abilities. The book will leave the reader with a deep sense of well-being.

About the Author

Sister Chân Không (birth name Cao Ngoc Phuong) was born in a village on the Mekong River Delta in 1938. She has devoted her life to the development and practice of nonviolence grounded in the Buddhist precepts of non-killing and compassionate action. Sister Chân Không is also the author of Learning True Love and Beginning Anew, both from Parallax Press. She is part of the community of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh and lives in Plum Village, France.

Praise For Deep Relaxation: Coming Home to Your Body

"Deep Relaxation excellent way to take a breather when you're feeling overwhlemed. Khong suggests dividing a stressful workday into segments and doing short sessions of deep relaxation between each segment. When you do this, she says, you'll come to your next activity with increased freshness and effectiveness."
Shambhala Sun

"This book with CD makes deep relaxation easily and widely available, like a broad river flowing out to the sea...For a lifetime of mindful living, this provides indispensable training and a beautiful gift. Total relaxation restores us to our organic integrity and our original nature. Recommended for every body."
The Mindfulness Bell

"Deep Relaxation is a beautiful book embellished with poetry and subtle page decorations, a holistic treat for mind, body and soul."
The Midwest Book Review

"With Deep Relaxation the reader/listener will learn to meditate and relax body and mind at the deepest level, leading to a measurable reduction of stress levels."
Branches of Light

"Many of my students are also my teachers, and Sister Chan Khong is one of the foremost among them. The love and concern that underlie her work are deep. Her life is a Dharma talk, and she has much to tell us.”
Thich Nhat Hanh