The Last President (Hardcover)

By John Barnes

Ace Books, 9781937007157, 388pp.

Publication Date: September 3, 2013

List Price: 26.95*
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"An author who "excels at combining the tension of the chase with the elements of science fiction,"* John Barnes delivered a fascinating and frightening scenario about the collapse of America's political and social infrastructure following the destruction of modern technology. Now, the author of "Directive 51 "and "Daybreak Zero "continues his story of the wild postapocalyptic frontier--and humanity's last desperate attempt to re-civilize their world..."
For more than a year, Heather O'Grainne and her small band of heroes, operating out of Pueblo, Colorado, have struggled to pull the United States back together after it shattered under the impact of the event known as Daybreak. Now they are poised to bring the three or four biggest remaining pieces together, with a real President and Congress, under the full Constitution again. Heather is very close to fulfilling her oath, creating a safe haven for civilization to be reborn.
But other forces are rising too.
Some people like the new life better...
In a devastated, splintered, postapocalyptic United States, with technology thrown back to biplanes, black powder, and steam trains, a tiny band of visionaries struggles to re-create Constitutional government and civilization itself, as a new dark age takes shape around them.

*"Rocky Mountain News.

About the Author

John Barnes is a multiple Hugo and Nebula award nominee and the author of "The Return" with Buzz Aldrin. He lives in Colorado.

Praise For The Last President

Praise for Daybreak Zero

“An exciting thriller.”—Alternative Worlds

“A stunning premise.”—Kirkus Reviews

“A major reimagining of the forces that can lead to the end of the world.”—Locus

…and Directive 51

“The large cast is handled adroitly, the tension level is high, the big ideas make you think, and I was kept up all night!”—S. M. Stirling

“Barnes’s view of the collapse of financial life, the halt of most manufacturing systems, the evaporation of the technical knowledge that now exists mainly in the cloud, and other consequences is so alarming that the book could draw attention in a way no official report can.”—The Atlantic

“I put this novel down only long enough to wipe the sweat from my brow.”—Gregory Benford

“A fascinating near-future thriller that looks deep into what would happen if modern-day technology…suddenly stopped working and reverted back to the early nineteenth century…Fans will enjoy this cautionary tale that proclaims that sometimes you get what you wish for.”—Alternative Worlds