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The Arachnean and Other Texts (Univocal)

Fernand Deligny, Drew S. Burk (Translated by), Catherine Porter (Translated by), Bertrand Ogilvie (Introduction by)


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The Arachnean and Other Texts by Fernand Deligny (1913–1996) is a collection of writings from the second half of the 1970s. In 1968 Deligny established a “network” for informally taking care of children with autism that was more than a mere site of living: it was a milieu created out of a reflection on the mode of being autistic. What is a space perceived outside of language? What is the form of a movement without perspective or goal? How do we engage with a world that is not our own, a world turned upside down yet truly common, where acting cohabitates with our actions and the unknown with our forms of knowledge? Such is the mythical web of the “Arachnean,” made of lines, holes, traces, enigmas, and questions without answers that demand to see that which cannot be seen. Long before the digital age of social networks, meshworks, and digital webs, Fernand Deligny speaks to us in his own autobiographical and aphoristic manner. For Deligny, his life was always experienced in the form of “the network as a mode of being.”

Univocal Publishing, 9781937561109, 252pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2015

About the Author

Fernand Deligny was an experimental educator, novelist, and essayist known for his innovative work with children with severe autism. His creative practice concerning "the network as a mode of being" has influenced a variety of disciplines and thinkers.