Shame, Shame, I Know Your Name (Paperback)

By Heather Harlen

Northampton House, 9781937997755, 236pp.

Publication Date: January 20, 2017



YOU CAN'T KEEP MARINA DOWN . . . It's been a few months since small-town event planner Marina Konyeshna survived a pursuit by international human traffickers, then a mine collapse. Marina's friends have questioned the empty whipped-cream vodka bottles and the new tattoo, but she thinks they're overreacting. Her love life is perking up, but it's not clear how long her new guy will wait on the sidelines while she buries herself in work. Still, Marina can't pack her bags fast enough when a blast from the past offers her the opportunity to work with Russia's richest woman. In Moscow, Marina's at first thrilled to find herself taken for a glamorous pop singer who could be her twin . But she soon finds there's more to being a celebrity than designer clothes and red carpet events. What follows is a return to the dark world of human trafficking, this time peering into the "red market," where the human body is currency in ways she never imagined possible. and Marina must learn what it takes to survive - physically, mentally, emotionally, and culturally - thousands of miles from home.

About the Author

Heather Harlen is a writer and teacher. Her two years in Russia as a Peace Corps volunteer inspired much of the Marina Konyeshna series. She has an M.A. in creative writing from Wilkes University and is a National Writing Project Fellow. She lives near Allentown, PA with her husband, where she is working on the final book of this trilogy. You can find more at