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The Most Fun You'll Have at a Cage Fight

Rory Douglas


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The Most Fun You'll Have at a Cage Fight is the story of Chad Douglas, a Boeing scientist by day and amateur mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter by night. It has action. It has intrigue. It has wit. It has something called TURN ON: A Love Drink. For two years, Rory Douglas wrote a column for McSweeney's called Notes from a Spectator at Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Events tracking his brother's career as a fighter. The Most Fun You'll Have at a Cage Fight is an expanded memoir and MMA primer, exploring the world of amateur MMA in the Seattle suburbs. Also making appearances in this book: A history of mankind's quest to uncover the toughest person on earth, and how that quest produced mixed martial arts as we know it. The mothers who loyally watch their sons get punched in the face. The secret to losing 20 pounds in two days. A girl's eye getting lodged a quarter inch deeper in its socket. Someone saying, "That foot stomp was monstrous. Gave me a hard-on." Fighter Phoenix Jones, who retired from MMA to become a real-life, crime-fighting superhero. All this--and more --while pursuing the big question of why one person would volunteer to fight another person in a cage, for free. The Most Fun You'll Have at a Cage Fight is a real-life sports story about what happens when a normal person attempts to become a professional athlete, and an exploration of exploding interest and participation in MMA. This isn't just Chad's narrative--this guide also presents the stories of a community of fighters, coaches, and fans who have all been drawn to MMA for vastly different reasons.

University of Hell Press, 9781938753176, 196pp.

Publication Date: October 20, 2015