The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies (Paperback)

By Heather Forest, Susan Gaber (Illustrator)

August House Publishers, 9781939160713, 32pp.

Publication Date: October 7, 2013



"While depicting a strong, resourceful heroine, Forest's graceful retelling perfectly captures the story's fairy-tale flavor." -Publisher's Weekly According to this Scottish folktale, long ago sweet-toothed fairies flew into people's homes and feasted on leftover cake crumbs. But the King of the Fairies was annoyed that crumbs never remained from the very best cakes baked by the talented baker woman so he orders the fairies to capture her and bring her down to the Fairy Kingdom. The resourceful woman requests items from her kitchen at home, where her bewildered husband looks on as utensils and ingredients float out of the window, borne by invisible fairies. Eventually she strikes a clever bargain with the impatient Fairy King to win her freedom and return home in return for sharing her tasty cakes.Award-winning author, Heather Forest teaches young readers about resourcefulness, patience and the importance of family in this whimsical tale, illustrated by Susan Gaber. One reviewer praises, "The story is quite clever and highlights what lengths a parent will go to keep family together, but also be kind to others.

About the Author

Heather Forest is an award winning author, professional storyteller and the founder as well as Executive Director of Story Arts. She has traveled extensively throughout the world performing stories from her books at festivals, schools, conferences, and festivals. Her unique minstrel style of storytelling blends folk guitar, poetry, prose and she frequently songs the stories for her audiences. Susan Gaber has illustrated many award winning picture books. Whether working in muted impressionistic tones, in more vibrant colors, or in a folksy, homespun medium, Susan has built an impressive list of illustration credits, and has garnered much critical acclaim. Her versatility is particularly well suited to mythic stories and folktales. Susan and Heather both live in Huntington, NY.