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Cover for The Painting Trilogy

The Painting Trilogy

Kathleen J. Shields


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What began as a therapeutic endeavor, a way to work through life's daily stresses and disappointments via creative writing, over time, morphed into a trilogy; one that symbolically interpreted could have been portrayed as a message. The three books combined share a tale of good-will, generosity, doing good deeds, and showcasing the beauty of the world. Inspirationally speaking, though, the hidden symbolism reflects a similar story about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

While this book is not intended to teach anything biblical, it's the author's hope that the story inspires you to appreciate the world around you, be kind to one another, and listen when that little voice in your head speaks.

The Painting 1: Gerald is a lonely, misunderstood boy whose escape into nature inspires a beauty like none other. For a gift, he's given a blank canvas in which to paint anything his heart desires, so he paints a world a world that he Loves so much, it comes to life The Painting soon becomes dangerously coveted, so Gerald is forced to protect his creation with everything he has in him.

The Painting 2: Benjamin, Gerald's son, has grown up with a unique awareness regarding the Painting. Gerald taught his son everything he needs to know about how the Painting works, so when it's time, his son will be born into it, in order to share his father's love with those inside. It's a lifetime of learning combined with a lifetime of teaching, with hopes of forever changing hearts and minds.

The Painting 3: Nevaeh, Gerald's granddaughter, is gifted the Universe Painting. Staring at it, longing to explore, she discovers her imagination gives her the ability to travel within, allowing her the opportunity to do a world of good. While she is only there in "spirit", her desire to help, flows from her, causing the people of The Painting to do some amazing acts of kindness.

This book hit the Amazon Best Sellers Rank #50 in Christian Fantasy Books in November

Erin Go Bragh Publishing, 9781941345450, 380pp.

Publication Date: May 25, 2021