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Cover for Our Alaskan Winter

Our Alaskan Winter

Constance Helmericks


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Our Alaskan Winter continues the story of husband and wife Bud and Connie Helmericks' adventures in the Arctic. That winter they lived a nomadic life with the Eskimos, hunting caribou inland and then sea mammals out on the ice in the spring. When spring again came, they migrated eastward with the Eskimo in their big skin boat with their canoe towed. From the Natives, they learned ice fishing for seals, how to track down polar bears, how to sled for provisions. They had fashioned runners for the small canoe, and when they left their friends, they continued east, paddling, sailing and sometimes pulling it over pack ice as they made their way east to the Mackenzie River delta in Canada. There they ended their odyssey with a flight to Edmonton, Canada in September.

Epicenter Press (WA), 9781941890448, 252pp.

Publication Date: November 9, 2021