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Intrinsic Excellence

Business Development and Leadership Systems for Success in Personal Training

Rolando Garcia, III, Dan John (Foreword by)


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The proven success-driver revealed in Intrinsic Excellence is known as the The Four Core Competencies method—or 4C.  The 4C method is a heart-based yet scientific formula for sustainable growth in a people-centric business.  4C has consistently produced high-performance trainers with high-income businesses—while turning two personal training divisions in a major corporation from historic lows into record-breaking highs. 

4C all but guarantees the dedicated fitness professional the ability to achieve high levels of success in personal training, while creating opportunities for growth that go beyond their current field.  This innovative method can prove a veritable lifesaver for the personal trainer—because it clearly defines what is necessary for success, how to specifically achieve that success, but most importantly how that success directly affects personal development for both trainer and every customer with whom they interact.

The Four Core Competencies covered in Intrinsic Excellence are: Technical Expertise, Customer Care, Sales and Business Development/Strategy.  As the author puts it, “Mastery of your art cannot be confused with success in the profession.” Most of those who fail as personal trainers fail because they mistake their necessary technical expertise as the principle predictor of financial success in their field. “Not so” is Rolando Garcia III’s response to this perception—and it holds true for almost any other profession. Technical expertise is at best only 25% of the success-formula… Without a thorough grounding in the other three core competencies, the trainer is doomed to mediocrity and will most likely not survive in the industry.

Intrinsic Excellence not only provides a masterful exposition of the role and function of each core competency, but also weaves the four core competencies into a dynamic, interactive program—shot through with the flesh and blood tales of struggle and success within the trenches of the personal training world.

Most unique to Intrinsic Excellence is the insistence on a heart-based approach to the relationship with the customer—where every interaction is evaluated through the prism of a deep commitment to humanity, to self-worth and to leadership as inspirational partnership.

Personal training clients see their trainers anywhere up to 144 times a year—which is way more contact-time than with any other professional or, for that matter, most relatives. According to Rolando Garcia III, the personal trainer’s relationship with a client is therefore of immense potential significance. The personal trainer becomes an inspirational model that their customers aspire to emulate. The high-level personal trainer embodies that elusive alchemy of athleticism, intellect and singularity of purpose that is the cornerstone for success.

Rolando sees the personal trainer as having the power to represent a resurgent ideal: the self-possessed individual. Through fitness and exercise they have gained command of their life and they have a chance to effect that same transformation on their clients—a gift worth its weight in gold.

Rolando Garcia III makes a profound case for the Personal Trainer as a kind of modern day hero-in-waiting—with the dramatic potential to act as a primary Success Agent in their customers’ lives. Therefore, Intrinsic Excellence—as its title implies—is a philosophy of life-at-full-engagement, as much as it is a detailed battle plan for overcoming any challenge or realizing any long-held fitness dream…

Intrinsic Excellence has a wisdom-soaked authority to its advice—born from Rolando Garcia III’s evident experiential immersion in his subject matter, a fierce intelligence, a deep commitment to values and a heartfelt desire to help both his fellow trainers and his clients lead deeper, more fulfilled lives.

To absorb the life-lessons revealed with such generosity in Intrinsic Excellence is to stack the career deck in one’s favor—regardless the profession. Intrinsic Excellence is at once a call-to-arms, a message of hope and a vision of the heights that can be achieved when heart marries science in the quest for a greater well-being.

Praise For Intrinsic Excellence: Business Development and Leadership Systems for Success in Personal Training

"Intrinsic Excellence unlocks the secrets of creating value in service industries through a thoughtful study of the client relationship and a recognition of its priority over technical expertise. Set within the author's experience in fitness and training, its powerful perspectives should be understood by anyone whose business model is selling expertise directly to clients." — CHARLES STUCKE, CEO, Lepercq de Neuflize Asset Management

"Rolando Garcia III is one of the most brilliant minds the personal training industry has ever known.  Like myself, Garcia has risen to the top of the game in one of the most competitive markets in the world: New York City. That's no easy task. 

The 4C Method is the voice of years of experience, expertise and common sense. A trainer's role is hard to define, but Mr. Garcia really ‘gets it’. Rolando knows that what really makes or breaks a training career is not just the caliber of your workouts, but also your ability to master customer care, client acquisition and personal training sales. Rolando Garcia is clearly an expert on the science of training; what makes him unique is his expertise on business development and strategy. If you are entering the industry and do not know what to expect, you have to buy this book!” — DANNY KAVADLO, author, Everybody Needs Training

"I've been a gym owner for six years and taught certifications to coaches all over the world. Intrinsic Excellence is my new ‘read this first’ for personal trainers. Rolando guides you through all the things that are actually important for driving business and personal success. The practical advice runs parallel to stories of the confirmed success of these concepts through his career of turning around personal training businesses.

If you want to be successful as a personal trainer this book is an absolute must. A blueprint that tells you step by step what you need to do, where to put your focus, and how to achieve the desired outcome. This is now required reading for any trainer at my gym. This will change lives and help coaches live better. I strongly suggest you 'read this first!'” — MAX SHANK, author, Master the Kettlebell

Dragon Door Publications, 9781942812043, 200pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2016

About the Author

Rolando Garcia, III has been described as one of the top managers in the fitness industry. Using the system he created, he has prepared and developed fitness teams as well as individual professionals for the demands and rigors of the fitness profession, which led to their subsequent success. He currently manages an elite team of coaches for a luxury fitness facility, which is located in Manhattan, NY. He has been featured on Forbes, The NY POST, Self Magazine, and Athlete’s Quarterly.