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Cover for Life+70[redacted]


David Moscovich


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This book consists of four parts, and in reverse order those are:

a) the email correspondence between myself and the hacker of my woefully exorbitant $249,999.99 ebook (a.k.a., electronic book)

b) the print version of the goods themselves, that is, the object of the cybercrime, in a heavily re-imagined form

c) a preface to introduce the original text of the ebook and the story of how I, the author of the ebook, contacted the cybercriminal in an attempt to elucidate my displeasure while at the same time expressing a paradoxical gratitude that my work was so highly valued a reader would risk imprisonment, a hefty fine or both just to get to read my work, and

d) a Preface to the Preface.

I (the author) may be guilty of some degree of tautology in the explication of this book (an artifact which is the partial result of techno-sabotage) and the events surrounding the making, the unmaking and its subsequent re-making, but this is all in the service of the greater requirements of the task at hand, or in this specific case, both of my hands.

Lit Fest Press, 9781943170203, 136pp.

Publication Date: September 17, 2016