Fault Lines, the New Updated Edition (Paperback)

Understanding America's Role in the Middle East and the Circumstances Leading to the Rise of Isis

By Don Liebich

Elevate, 9781943425266, 212pp.

Publication Date: May 24, 2016



A clear explanation of American Middle East policy

This updated version of Fault Lines is written for those interested in understanding the often convoluted history of American Middle East policy. By enumerating the actors, conflicts, actions and consequences that have shaped American policy in the region, Liebich succeeds in clarifying for his readers the most important factors in a very complicated chain of events. The main takeaway is a general picture of the "fault lines" that have often plagued U.S. efforts to protect its national interests in the region and how these ongoing faults have led to a precipitous decline in American influence. The author makes recommendations as to how this decline can be reversed.

About the Author

Don Liebich is a native of New York and a graduate of the University of Rochester and the Harvard Business School PMD program. He spent his career with the U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine service and Sysco Corp. After retiring from Sysco Corp, he engaged in numerous consulting projects in various countries including Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Indonesia and Venezuela. He has traveled to the Middle East numerous times in the past ten years. Liebich has been involved with economic development, citizen diplomacy and human rights projects in Jordan, Israel/Palestine including the West Bank, UAE and Iran. He has conducted seminars and taught courses on Islam, Christian Fundamentalism, U.S. Middle East foreign policy and Iran. Don and his wife, Marcia, live in Hailey, ID.