Shell Game (Paperback)

The Story of One Man's Rant Against the Big Banks in an Attempt to Save the World Economy

By M. K. Hoffman

Shoestring Book Publishing, 9781943974177, 170pp.

Publication Date: July 23, 2018

List Price: 12.99*
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In the modality of the times, everyone wants to pass the buck and then pass judgment on the other guy; to sit back suffering, complaining and acting like there is nothing to be done. It is so rampant that businesses use this to bilk us out of trillions of dollars. The mighty Roman Empire did not fall because they were defeated in battle. They fell because corruption was rampant and accountability was all but non-existent. We are headed down the same path, Fortunately for us, there are still people like Marc Hoffman who are paying attention and doing what they can to hold others accountable. He is not a hero. He is just a responsible citizen doing what all responsible citizens should do. I found this book charming, witty and inspiring. Let's hope he inspires the next wave of responsible citizens before we begin to write the downfall of the American Empire.