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Cover for Is Home Your Happy Place?

Is Home Your Happy Place?

The Unruly Woman's Approach to Space Healing

Christy Diane Farr


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We make our environment and it makes us right back.

There are dozens of good books with different approaches to help you tame your space and take back your life. But what if you try and try but simply can't lift the words off the page and into your actual life? What if their methods works at first but then you find yourself completely stuck again? What if you slay stacks of mail and old newspapers with ease but want to run and hide when it comes to financial matters or the stacks of art your kids made?

I want to talk about the rest of the story, the energy blocks and barriers that bring even your best intentions to a screeching halt. I want to talk about why the old ways are so hard to release. I want you to recognize them so you can heal your heart by letting go of yesterday. I'm talking about that wedding dress, the clothes in your closet that don't fit, the gifts that just don't feel true for you, the arts/craft supplies that are (still) just supplies because they haven't yet become art or craft. I'm talking about dead people's things and remnants of life already left behind. I'm talking about unrealized dreams and unfulfilled promises. I'm talking about the big stuff that you've been avoiding.

Your home needs to be a place for living your life, not just storing your stuff. This book is about digging into the heart of the matter.

Paper Angel Press, 9781944412630, 278pp.

Publication Date: January 31, 2017

About the Author

Christy Diane Farr is a story healer. Her private collaborations, virtual workshops, and live community events help unruly people release their bullshittery, reclaim their power, open their hearts, and dance in the garden of their own lives. What's "normal" to include in a bio feels too formal for Christy, and it doesn't capture the most powerful parts of her story. Yes, she has a degree, went to life coach school, and belongs to several relevant professional organizations. She writes, a lot, and now she's published her first book. But these statistics are important only in that they represent the experiences that made Christy the woman that she is today. They are but a handful of the many pieces woven into the fabric of life and, frankly, she prefer to collaborate with those who want to know about her unruly bits, because they are what make it possible for her to do the thing she does.