Everything But the Earl (Paperback)

By Willa Ramsey

City Owl Press, 9781944728908, 266pp.

Publication Date: June 12, 2018

List Price: 14.99*
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Miss Caroline Crispin is on top of the world. But she's about to take a painful fall.

As the daughter of London's most in-demand architect, Caro has laughed and danced and pursued her interests with gusto--free from Society's censure. So when she overhears two lords calling her vulgar names and wagering on whose lover she'll become, she's shocked and stung--and determined to teach them a lesson. Though it pains her to ask for help from another brutish lord...

Lord Ryland isn't the man his father wanted him to be. But he's about to make an excellent catch.

Adam, Earl Ryland, just wants to get married and tend his country garden, away from the bucks, fops, and gossips who pester him to box like his late father. When this gentle giant meets his sister's friend Caro--who parries his flirtations with double entendre that would make a barman blush--he's smitten. But there's a problem: she's looking to him for a different sort of partnership. And it's a risky one.

"Miss Caroline Crispin, daughter to England's royal architect, speaks boldly and flirts audaciously...Ramsey's smooth prose and witty dialogue make for enjoyable reading." - Publisher's Weekly