Protect Your Breasts (Paperback)

Freeze and Cure Your Breast Cancer with Cryoablation

By Ingrid Edstrom Fnp M. Ed

Proactive Breast Wellness, LLC, 9781944733285, 334pp.

Publication Date: November 6, 2017

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Every woman fears breast cancer. Learn about cryoablation which can "Freeze" and cure your breast cancer with 92% to 100% effectiveness

Learn what YOU can DO to Reduce Your Risk of Developing Breast Cancer or its Reoccurrence

Learn about how to "Freeze" and Cure your Cancer with Cryoablation

We feel that knowledge is power and "Prevention is the Cure." Your environment may have a greater impact, perhaps as much as 91% to 93% on a woman's future health risk than the issue of her family history. The Proactive Breast Wellness Program (PBW) empowers you with practical suggestions to help embrace an anti-estrogenic diet and lifestyle management program to lessen your risk of developing breast cancer and empower breast cancer survivors. Learn about supplements, hormone testing and balancing, dietary and environmental changes. Identify environmental toxins, plastics and the dangers of GMOs, bovine growth hormones and antibiotics in your food. Learn self-care techniques, lymph-drainage massage, exercise and mind-body relaxation techniques. PBW is heart healthy--women lose stubborn belly fat, their libido improves and menopausal/thyroid symptoms decrease. The PBW Nutritional Supplement Protocols and Worksheets are easy to follow.

About the Author

Ingrid L. Edstrom, CFNP, M.Ed., CTT Profile: - President and author, Protect Your Breasts and Proactive Breast Wellness, LLC - Established four medical business ventures - Nationally certified Family Nurse Practitioner, BSN, M.Ed. - Nationally certified Clinical Infrared Thermography Technician, CTT since 2006 - Long-term experience in Mind-Body and Preventive Medicine - Extensive health teaching background with a Masters in Health Education - Skilled in business and community networking - Committed to bringing breast cryoablation to the Pacific Northwest - Thought leader in the prevention of breast cancer Ingrid L. Edstrom is a nationally certified Family Nurse Practitioner since 1978, with an additional Masters in Health Education from Boston University. As a Holistic Nurse Practitioner, she has done extensive patient teaching in regards to medical issues, disease and prevention. Lifestyle, nutritional counseling and bio-identical hormone replacement have been a focus of the practice. She has long-term experience in Mind-Body and Preventive Medicine and completed clinical training programs at the Mind Body Medical Institute at Harvard and the Beth Israel Hospital under Dr Herbert Benson, MD. She was invited to present her research to 200 physicians and researchers at the 5th International Cancer Forum on Cryoablation and Stem Cell Research held at the Fuda Cancer Hospital in China in July 2016. Infrared thermography images of a woman pre and post cryoablation were presented as well as the "Early Freeze" protocol. She would like to see that women with "suspicious findings" on breast structural studies and abnormal thermograms just have the mass frozen and then follow the women over time. This has been the standard of care for 40 years for freezing cervical "suspicious findings" on Pap smears. Those women are not being treated for cervical cancer, just suspicious findings on her Pap smear. Why can't this cryoablation be made available to women for their breasts? Prevention IS the Cure !