Dovecote (Paperback)

By Anne Britting Oleson

Bedazzled Ink Publishing, 9781945805387, 258pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2017

List Price: 16.95*
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Six years ago, Gwynn Forest’s husband Richard committed suicide. After that, she struggled to keep things together, emotionally, mentally, and financially. Then three fortuitous things happened: she sold the family construction company; she inherited a seaside cottage from an elderly English great-aunt whom she had never met, and she was offered a job illustrating a book for a friend. Thus, a new start in a new place. Once ensconced in Gull Cottage, she begins to learn disturbing things about her great-aunt and her new home. The cottage itself seems unwelcoming, perhaps haunted by the imprint of a sad and lonely old woman, with peculiar noises, strange happenings, and a back garden full of untamable brambles, no matter how much they are cut back. Gwynn doesn’t believe in ghosts—until the disturbing occurrences at Gull Cottage change her mind. Gwynn doesn't believe in herself—until, with no one else to turn to she has to rely on her own inner resources to confront the mysteries of Gull Cottage.

About the Author

Anne Britting Oleson lives in the mountains of central Maine with her family. She is the author of three poetry chapbooks, The Church of St. Materiana, The Beauty of It, and Planes and Trains and Automobiles. She is a founding member of Simply Not Done, a women’s reading, writing, and teaching cooperative.

Praise For Dovecote

The Book of the Mandolin Player is deeply affecting on so many levels that it is difficult to shake the story from the mind. Anne Britting Oleson’s soft touch and strong storytelling make this an exceptional debut novel.” —Frank O Smith, Review, Portland Press Herald 

“It’s an interesting story, with characters, places and emotional atmosphere strongly reminiscent of those in Jennifer Wixson’s Sovereign novels — small-town Mainers, well-educated, wry-humored, grappling with problems of life, love and the pursuit of people who are chronically not there.” —Dana Wilde, Review,

"This is an excellent story for lovers of mysteries, ghost stories and of excellent, literary writing. The author, Anne Britting Oleson is a first-class poet and she writes beautifully, sensitively and tenderly, exploring emotions as well as a complex plot." —Casey Dorman, Lost Coast Review