Specimen 959 (Specimen Chronicles #1) (Paperback)

By Robert Davies

BHC Press, 9781946006684, 472pp.

Publication Date: July 25, 2017

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Hardcover (12/19/2019)

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Faced with overwhelming odds, they'll have to fight to survive..

Astronaut. Repairman. Prisoner. CenturoCorp engineer Darrien Norris begins a journey across Terran Colonial space to restore a broken mining machine on a distant, mineral harvest world. It was supposed to be routine--a good run to finish his career--but his shuttle is thrown without warning from its course by an unseen power and survival becomes the only thing that matters. Catapulted across half the galaxy to a violent and hostile place, Norris has been left to survive or die inside an inescapable, alien horror merely for the crime of being lost--of being human. Escape is his purpose, but what he finds in the grinding, desperate fight to live will forever change the path of human history.