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Cover for Holmes' Own Story

Holmes' Own Story

Confessed 27 Murders - Lied Then Died (87 Historical Illustrations)

Jd Crighton, MD Herman W. Mudgett


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A fascinating look into the mind of one of America's first serial killers

Who was H. H. Holmes, the killer made famous in the "Devil in the White City?"

Did he build a 'Murder Castle' to lure victims into secret rooms, vaults, and gas chambers and to prey on Chicago's World's Fair travelers?

In Holmes' Own, you will discover:

  • HH Holmes 1895 memoir written by Holmes while he awaited trial
  • Moyamensing Prison diary
  • Confession of twenty-seven murders of men, women, and children (1896)
  • Judgement day with Holmes' death by hanging at Moyamensing Prison
  • Unusual concrete burial at historic Holy Cross Cemetery in Yeadon, Pennsylvania
  • Holmes planned reincarnation
  • Philadelphia Detective Frank P. Geyer interview about Holmes' plan to murder Georgiana Yoke, his third wife
  • Mrs. Benjamin Pitezel interview after Holmes' execution
  • Sources, Illustration Credits, Bibliography, Notes, and Index

Bonus - 87 rare historical illustrations with Herman Webster Mudgett's (Holmes) birth and death certificates

Table of Contents:

List of Illustrations

To the Reader


Handwritten Statement

Holmes' Preface

Holmes' Own Story

Moyamensing Prison Diary Appendix


The Tale of the Greatest Criminal in History

Murder 1: Dr. Robert Leacock

Murder 2: Dr. Russell

Murders 3, 4: Mrs. Julia L. Connor, Daughter, Pearl

Murder 5: Rogers

Murder 6: Charles Cole

Murder 7: Lizzie

Murders 8, 9, 10: Mrs. Sarah Cook, Baby, Niece

Murder 11: Miss Emeline Cigrand

Three Unsuccessful Attempts of Triple Murder

Murder 12: Miss Rosine Van Jassand

Murder 13: Robert Latimer

Murder 14: Miss Anna Betts

Murder 15: Miss Gertrude Conner

Murder 16: Miss Kate Durkee

Murder 17: Mr. Warner

Murder 18: Rogers, A Young Englishman

Murder 19: A Female Boarder

Murders 20, 21: Minnie and Nannie Williams

Murder 22: Unknown Chicago Man

Murder 23: Baldwin Williams

Murder 24: Benjamin F. Pitezel

Murder 25: Howard Pitezel

Murders 26, 27: Alice and Nellie Pitezel

Attempted Murder of Mrs. Pitezel, Two Children

Conclusion of Confession

Statement from Detective Geyer


Judgment Day - Thursday, May 7, 1896

Concrete Burial - Friday, May 8, 1896

Holmes' Reincarnation?

Illustration Credits




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Publication Date: May 19, 2018