The Enigma Rising (Paperback)

By Charles Breakfield, Roxanne Burkey

Icabod Press, 9781946858030, 328pp.

Publication Date: March 8, 2017

List Price: 17.95*
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The disappearance of a wealthy Brazilian industrialist's daughter, Lara, causes Thiago to hire the world's most elite information-gathering unit, the R-Group, to quietly locate and return her.

Is the heiress in trouble and gone forever or merely hiding in plain sight to escape her destiny?

While vacationing in Mexico, Petra and Jacob, R-Group operatives, cross paths with "Bad Boys", Carlos and Juan, who are cloaking their drug lord moving business from satellite surveillance. These so-called entrepreneurs force even the most generous observer to question the legality of their business model.

If Carlos and Juan are identified, can they stop running outside the law long enough to do the right thing?

The R-Group operating from South America, Mexico, and Switzerland are assembling the pieces of these puzzles while avoiding international consequences. Will they discover the culprits?

The award winning Breakfield and Burkey story draws you into a TechnoThriller that focuses on overcoming opportunistic cyber-crime in the high-stakes world of information brokering in today's 21st century.

What are Readers saying

Kirkus-"... the story will hold readers' attention until its unsettling conclusion."

"I was pulled in from page one I often read to fill my empty time. With the Enigma series I make time to enjoy the ride it is taking me on."

"Who would have thought combining technology and writing could be so much fun. I'm glad I've read the series before I get to see the movies ..."

"Couldn't wait for this one to show up after reading the first."