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S. K. Derban


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"...a contemporary Christian suspense that will intrigue you and keep you guessing. Circumvent was an engaging read. I think it would translate well into a movie... any producers please take note.--CHRISTIAN BOOKAHOLIC BOOK REVIEWS

This was a novel that I could not put down - I had to see what happened to Nikki (does she remember, do the criminals hurt her further) and Ruggiero (can he discover what happened to Nikki and where she is, and if he does find her - can he adjust to her loss of memory). It was an intense story full of surprise, hope and love - I loved every moment of their story --WORKING MOMMY JOURNAL

Life is too perfect.
The writer falls in love with the baker.
The perfection turns to panic.

Life is too perfect... Imagine living in a quaint, beach front cottage on the Hawaiian island of Maui. You have an amazing job, combined with the pleasure of working from home. Lunch breaks become a daily picnic on the sand. Dessert is always included because of your marriage to a famous pastry chef. Life could not be any better. Or so it seems...

The writer falls in love with the baker... When French born, Nikki Sabine Moueix travels to Hawaii for a special work assignment, her job of writing an article about a famous Swiss pastry chef generates more than a magazine piece. They fall in love, get married, and Nikki Moueix becomes Mrs. Ruggiero Del mont.

The perfection turns to panic... When another assignment calls for Nikki to spend three weeks in France, Ruggiero's schedule prevents him from joining her. She travels alone, advancing straight into danger. After a threatening confrontation, Nikki wakes up in a French hospital with no knowledge of her past. When she fails to check in, Ruggiero panics and pushes for an immediate investigation. But as he closes in, Nikki's new found friend moves her to another city. It becomes a game of hide and seek with Nikki as the prize.

CIRCUMVENT allows readers to form a bond with Nikki as they yearn for her to remember. They will cheer for Ruggiero and his relentless determination to locate his beloved wife. This is a story about two people who never lose their faith in God, and find amazing friends to help them along the way.

Touchpoint Press, 9781946920300, 238pp.

Publication Date: November 9, 2017

About the Author

Born in the United States, S.K. Derban moved to London within the first three months, and remained in England until the age of five. Her mother was involved with the London Royal Ballet Company, and a great fan of the arts. Even after returning to the United States, S.K. Derban's life was filled with a love of the theatre and a passion for British murder mysteries. Her personal travel and missionary adventures also help to transport readers virtually across the globe. S.K. Derban has smuggled Bibles into China, and has been to Israel on seven missionary trips. When writing, she relies on all aspects of her life, from a strong faith in the Lord, to her unique combination of professional experience. The many personal adventures of S.K. Derban are readily apparent as they shine through into her characters. Circumvent is the third mystery novel for writer S.K. Derban.