Rewind (Paperback)

By Denise Allan Steele

Five Directions Press, 9781947044029, 268pp.

Publication Date: June 7, 2017

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Rewind...because part of us will always be seventeen years old.... Karen Alexander lives in California and has it all: teenage children who allow her to be seen in public with them now and then, a successful architect husband who still kind of fits into his 'I Hate Maggie Thatcher' T-shirt, and a teaching career that she loves, especially in the school holidays. And she has Carol, her official best pal since their days of platform shoes, flicked-out hair, lip gloss shoplifted from Woolworths, Ally's Tartan Army, and dancing to ABBA and 'The Hustle' at the local disco. Thirty -five years later, they worry more about good foundation to cover the wrinkles, a reliable hairdresser to cover the grey, stylish but comfortable shoes, shapewear that gives them the semblance of a shape, and husbands who fall asleep on the couch. Back in Scotland for a funeral and a cringe-worthy sixtieth birthday party, Karen runs into her teenage crush, Bobby Henderson, the former local punk rocker and all-round bad boy who broke Karen's sixteen-year-old heart by not noticing her. When he walks into the party in his leather jacket and winks at her, Karen's heart skips a beat like it was 1978. Is the first cut really the deepest? Has Karen spent the last thirty years with the wrong guy? Can you rewind the tape of love, and if you can, should you? If you loved... 'Watermelon' by Marian Keyes 'About a Boy ' by Nick Hornby 'My Not So Perfect Life' by Sophie Kinsella 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 3/4' by Sue Townsend 'Buddha Da' by Anne Donovan ...then you will love 'Rewind'

About the Author

Denise Allan Steele lives in California with her husband and three large dogs, all of whom compete for space on one couch. Her children are grown and making their way in their millennial world, and her grandchildren are chubby and cute. Denise taught in primary schools in Scotland for many years before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she works with parolees entering the community college system. She decided to write 'Rewind', her first novel, when her snow-boarding, hot-tubbing, drum-circling Californian teenagers asked her what it was like growing up in Scotland in the "olden days."