The Sons of Wetbacks (Hardcover)

A Memoir about America, Immigration, and Jacob's 5 Uncles Who Were the Sons of Wetbacks and All Served in WWII

By Jacob Montilijo Monty

Monty & Ramirez Llp, 9781947368873, 188pp.

Publication Date: June 8, 2018

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Immigrants are vital to America's economy and national security. They make our food. They care for the ill, injured, and elderly in our healthcare system. They contribute to our country's technological might.

And yet, our immigration system is fundamentally broken. Millions of immigrants live lives of uncertainty and fear. Meanwhile, businesses are baffled by convoluted hiring practices. Worst of all, scores of DACA kids contribute faithfully to their adopted country without any clear path to citizenship.

In The Sons of Wetbacks, Texas attorney and third-generation Mexican-American Jacob Montilijo Monty offers a compelling conservative case for immigration reform. While many on the right oppose immigration reform because of a belief that all Latinos are liberals, this couldn't be further from the truth. Rather, Latinos put great value on faith, family, and private enterprise, making them a natural fit for the GOP.

The author lays out a clearly articulated approach to reform immigration in a manner that is pragmatic, fair and in line with the principles of conservatism. Monty says, "We're not talking about amnesty. The bad hombres should be sent back. But, Latino immigrants are here to work. Let's vet them and get them working with legitimate papers. It would go a long way to making America great again."