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Cover for The Dali Legacy

The Dali Legacy

How an Eccentric Genius Changed the Art World and Created a Lasting Legacy

Christopher Heath Brown, Jean-Pierre Isbouts


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This immersive dive into the life and work of Salvador Dal unlocks the secret of this creative genius and reveals for the first time how his erotically charged paintings changed the world of modern art.

In turns beloved and reviled, twentieth century art, painter, filmmaker, and designer Salvador Dal set Europe and the United States ablaze with his uncompromising genius, sexual sadism, and flirtations with megalomania. His shocking behavior and work frequently alienated critics; his views were so outrageous, even prominent Surrealists tried to ostracize him. Still, every morning he experienced "an exquisite joy--the joy of being Salvador Dal ," and, through a remarkable talent that invited bewilderment, anger, and adoration, rose to unprecedented levels of fame--forever shifting the landscape of the art world and the nature of celebrity itself.

In this stunning volume, rich with more than 150 full-color images, noted art historians Jean-Pierre Isbouts and Christopher Heath Brown discuss the historical, social, and political conditions that shaped Dal 's work, identify the impact of Modern as well as Old Master art, and present an unflinching view of the master's personal relationships and motivations. With their deeply compelling narrative, Isbouts and Brown uncover how Dal 's visual wit and enduring cult of personality still impacts fashion, literature, and art, from Andy Warhol to Lady Gaga, and seeks to answer why, in an age of shock and awe, Dal 's art still manages to distress, perplex, and entertain.

Apollo Publishers, 9781948062664, 328pp.

Publication Date: March 23, 2021