Fortune Blue Teacher Book (Paperback)

By Jonathon Ryan, Scott Granville, Mary Fisher

Alphabet Publishing, 9781948492188, 80pp.

Publication Date: June 15, 2018

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Finalist for the 2018 PIEoneer Award for Digital Innovation of the Year

Jimmy Fortune is a detective who reluctantly agrees to help when his old army buddy's wife mysteriously disappears. To get her back, he'll have to confront a corrupt corporation, stolen secrets, an alleged affair, and his own past.

Written and filmed by Chasing Time films, especially for the English language classroom, Fortune is a six-episode video series and course that specializes in communication skills. The Fortune series is an engaging and motivating alternative to artificial language learning videos or commercial films that lack a learning focus.

In an approach that draws from research in Conversational Analysis and Pragmatics, the Fortune textbook draws attention to social actions such as offering to help, apologizing, and leave taking, that are key for maintaining relationships and functioning in society. Students are encouraged to look beyond mere helpful words and phrases to reflect on context, relationships, and whole sequences of language while studying and ultimately producing language.

  • Fortune Blue videos and learning materials: High Elementary/Pre-Intermediate learners (CEFR level A2)
  • 30 teaching hours per level
  • Works as a supplemental text or short module/elective class on communication
  • Teachers book contains teacher notes with suggestions on how to present the material, and ways to adapt it, a complete answer key, and extension activities.
  • Videos are available for free on YouTube or compiled on a USB available through the Alphabet Publishing website.

Fortune Blue Book Map

1. Episode: Help
Grammar: Modals of deduction and speculation, present and past
Interaction: Longer requests

2. Episode: A friend in need
Grammar: Past perfect
Interaction: Service encounters, Requests and placing orders, making and responding to complaints

3. Episode: The clock is ticking
Grammar: Reported Speech
Interaction: Telephone calls

4. Episode: Safe house
Grammar: Wish, Wish + to, Wish + that
Interaction: Offering to help, Pre-offers

5. Episode: Twists and turns
Grammar: Relative pronouns, relative adverbs
Interaction: Dealing with unwelcome questions

6. Episode: When will it be over?
Grammar: Future forms
Interaction: Taking leave / Goodbyes