Skippers Pass (Paperback)

By Johnathon Ryan, Yuko Nakahama, Maria Tarau

Alphabet Publishing, 9781948492362, 102pp.

Publication Date: October 8, 2019

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Skippers Pass is a groundbreaking international collaboration between a team of award-winning film makers and experienced applied linguists and English-language teachers. This resource book contains photocopiable student pages in 28 lessons (4 units, 7 sections) as well as detailed teacher notes. and other photocopiable resources.

The lessons are designed for flexible use across skills-based lessons and can work in the classroom, in one-on-one, tutoring, or as a self-study resource.

The book accompanies of a 4-episode video drama (available free online), a student and classroom-appropriate ghost story about a hiker in the rugged landscape of New Zealand. When she accepts a mysterious woman's invitation to go to a swimming hole, her life becomes a nightmare. Can she ever escape?

Each of the four units (corresponding to a different episode), contains 7 lessons:

  • Preview (activating schema)
  • Language Preview (pre-teaching vocab)
  • Language Focus (vocab, fixed expressions, and comprehension)
  • Discussion (focus on themes and using the target language)
  • Pragmatics (communication skills)
  • Drama Activities (roleplays and other activities to practice communicating naturally)
  • Writing (using language, themes, and communication goals raised in the unit)