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Cover for Bright Green Lies

Bright Green Lies

How the Environmental Movement Lost Its Way and What We Can Do about It (Politics of the Living)

Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith, Max Wilbert


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"True environmentalists don't buy into The Green New Deal. They think all the encouraging words from other environmentalists are bright green lies. Because at bottom, all the positive noises are simply a sop to industrialized society and the giant industries that run it. And according to Bright Green Lies, the book, it's all about maintaining the current opulent lifestyle, and continuing to destroy the planet. No sacrifices will be made that might slow the consumer economy. This dramatic, sane, and passionate book lays out the lies with evidence like simple math and direct observation..."-David Wineberg, The Straight Dope,

"Bright Green Lies exposes the hypocrisy and bankruptcy of leading environmental groups and their most prominent cheerleaders. The best-known environmentalists are not in the business of speaking truth, or even holding up rational solutions to blunt the impending ecocide, but instead indulge in a mendacious and self-serving delusion that provides comfort at the expense of reality. They fail to state the obvious: We cannot continue to wallow in hedonistic consumption and industrial expansion and survive as a species. The environmental debate, Derrick Jensen and his co-authors argue, has been distorted by hubris and the childish desire by those in industrialized nations to sustain the unsustainable. All debates about environmental policy need to begin with honoring and protecting, not the desires of the human species, but with the sanctity of the Earth itself. We refuse to ask the right questions because these questions expose a stark truth-we cannot continue to live as we are living. To do so is suicidal folly. 'Tell me how you seek, and I will tell you what you are seeking, ' the German philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said. This is the power of Bright Green Lies: It asks the questions most refuse to ask, and in that questioning, that seeking, uncovers profound truths we ignore at our peril."-Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of America: The Farewell Tour

Monkfish Book Publishing, 9781948626392, 500pp.

Publication Date: March 16, 2021