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Cover for Another Dreadful Fairy Book (Those Dreadful Fairy Books #2)

Another Dreadful Fairy Book (Those Dreadful Fairy Books #2)

Jon Etter


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Paperback (1/5/2021)


The sharp-tongued Shade, gregarious Ginch, and pilfering Professor return for more mad-cap misadventures! Will the three stop a bullying bugbear from closing the Grand Library of Elfame? Maybe. Will they track down members of a secret society of book guardians and retrieve a treasure trove of lost books? Possibly. Will Quentin Q. Quacksworth actually approve of this tale? I wouldn’t bet on it, but the only way to find out is to read (against the advice of Quacksworth, of course) Another Dreadful Fairy Book! 

Bullying bugbears, inept inventors, bickering gangsters, hay fever-plagued monsters—a whole new batch of dreadful fairies join Shade, Ginch,  and the Professor in this sequel to A Dreadful Fairy Book. Shade’s pleasant life in the magical Grand Library of Elfame is threatened when the Grand Scrutinizer of the Ministry of Ordinariness, Averageness, and Normalcy (M.O.A.N.) decides that the library poses a danger to the “moral climate” of the fairy lands. Shade, unfortunately, has little time to deal with that when she discovers that her late father belonged to a secret society of book guardians. Taking up her father’s mission, Shade ventures forth to find and unite the other members and retrieve a treasure trove of rare books. Will she succeed? Will the library remain open? Will narrator Quentin Q. Quacksworth find this book to be as “improper” as the last one? Read Another Dreadful Fairy Book and find out!

Praise For Another Dreadful Fairy Book (Those Dreadful Fairy Books #2)

“This is a rollicking romp with themes of friendship, forgiveness, and the value of books. It calls itself ‘A Fairytale for Readers of All Ages’ and I’d feel comfortable giving it to my 10-year-old or my 13-year-old and I quite enjoyed it at age 45.” —Lara Lillibridge, author of Girlish and Mama, Mama, Only Mama

“This chubby brown protagonist full of flaws and wit and heart is quite welcome.” —Kirkus

“This isn’t just any fairy book: it’s dreadful . . . A charming read with a quirky narrator, a brazen heroine, and eccentric characters.” —Booklist

“VERDICT: A charming addition to middle grade shelves.”—School Library Journal

“. . . an unexpectedly funny ode to books and the knowledge that they bring.” —Children’s Book Review

Amberjack Publishing, 9781948705622, 352pp.

Publication Date: January 7, 2020

About the Author

Jon Etter was born and raised (one assumes in a barn, judging by his manners) and still lives in that vast middle part of America that holds little interest to those of us in the civilized world, although its natives seem to tolerate it well enough. As a father of two and high school English teacher, one would think him capable of being more than the subpar scribbler of silly stories that he is, although I do believe he is improving slightly. You may visit him online at if you engage in such activities.

Quentin Q. Quacksworth has been a professional narrator for a long time—too long, some of us would argue—and has narrated many “proper” and “morally improving” books, including Honest Jim and the Do-Right Lads, for which he somehow won a Blabby Award for Narratorial Excellence. Feel free to ask him about it or just talk to him for five minutes, and he’ll find a way to bring it up. He refuses to have anything to do with “electronic mail” or “the inter-webs,” so contact him via, I don’t know, messenger pigeon or something.