Warriors of Understone (Paperback)

By B. K. Bass

Kyanite Publishing LLC, 9781949645231, 160pp.

Publication Date: February 22, 2019

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Durgan must struggle to overcome not only his common birth, but also the prejudices of a stagnant and isolated society to become one of the warriors of Understone. The sprawling dwarven city lies deep beneath the mountains, at the heart of a kingdom that has not changed its ways in centuries. Plagued by threats both within and without, life is a constant struggle to survive and furious battle is around every corner. Durgan may overcome opponents with axe and shield, but can he change the very values of his society with the same tools?

Praise for Warriors of Understone

"I was enthralled by the world that B.K. Bass created in this novella. From the history of this dwarven world to the intricate rules of the society within, B.K. created a delightfully rich and wonderful world in which to set this story. Every mention made of this world is expertly woven into the story. Though slowly revealed, you are never left "in the dust" about anything."