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Organic Screenwriting

Writing for Film, Naturally

Mark David Gerson


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Finally A Book for Screenwriters that Focuses on Creativity, not Rules

"Organic Screenwriting gives us permission to do what we set out to do in the first place: Tell stories from our hearts."
- Luke Yankee, writer/producer of TV's Conversations on Craft

Writing for film doesn't have to feel like an engineered exercise in story-building. Rather, it can be a story-freeing adventure, one that retains all the magic, wonder and awe of movies and make-believe.

Learn to craft engaging, compelling, entertaining stories for the screen...spontaneously and without struggle, whether you're a seasoned screenwriter or just starting out.

Be the Storyteller You Are...Go Organic: Write Your Screenplay the Natural Way

"What I share here speaks to the core of what I believe, not only about screenwriting but about writing, and that's that creativity is an organic process that relies more on discernment than rules, more on intuition than outlines, more on passion than structure. It's a free-flowing, in-the-moment experience that urges us to turn our backs on cookie-cutter formulas and paint-by-numbers canvasses. It's a realm where Story is king and Muse is both chancellor and court jester. It's a journey where we sit, wide-eyed, in a darkened theater and watch, awestruck, as our screenplay reveals itself to us on the flickering screen."
- Mark David Gerson

"A seminal work that should be read carefully by any and all aspiring writers for film and television ... an enduringly useful reference work."
- The Midwest Book Review

Mdg Media International, 9781950189076, 248pp.

Publication Date: April 22, 2019