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Cover for Mystery School Book 1

Mystery School Book 1


L. C. Matherne


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When Victor Chavez, the indigenous leader of an eco-labor revolution, was brutally assassinated, his daughter Estrella was only a baby. Twelve years later, the Revolution all but forgotten, Estrella is packed off to an elite boarding school by her aristocratic mother, Linda, and Linda's best friend, Kit Hamilton, the richest woman in the world. But what Estrella doesn't know is she's being educated among the very families that killed her father.

Estrella doesn't know a lot.

She doesn't know about the Spirit War, the Angelai, the Demonai, the Remundus, the Proletum, the will of the water, the Crystal Caves, the Alkaline Code, or the wolves. Not yet.

Through murder, romance, dreams, fierce friendships, prophecy, and blackmail, Estrella learns to harness her true power and lead the Angelai to fight both the Proletum and the Demonai who control them.

This is a tale from L.C. Matherne, the pages of which you will turn

to mysticism, magic, mystery, intrigue and murder, too.

Let's not forget sorcery, politics, high society, romance, music, dancing, kung fu, and laughs

-of which you'll find a few.

You'll become acquainted with Mary of Guadalupe, wolves, elephants, and bears.

But mostly, this is a tale of the Hamiltons and the Chavezes, and their young heirs.

Particularly Estrella: light of the stars, prophesied by the Scroll

to fight the Spirit Wars with her Sun Sword and Alkaline Code.

Will she and her companions attain victory and finally set free our only Earth's waters,

which the wicked do poison and control

with their instruments of terror, greed and slaughter?

Find out-open the book You can only find what you seek when you take a look.

But be forewarned; you can't always trust what you see.

Why is it so often our friends and lovers who become enemies?

And why is it so hard to know what to believe?

Just like Estrella and her friends, we all attend a school of mystery.

L.C.Enterprises, 9781951490652, 386pp.

Publication Date: June 8, 2021