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Flesh and Blood

Angela Roquet


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After a year of playing scion to the temperamental Princess of House Lilith, Jenna is ready to get back to solving cases--even if that means sneaking out of the manor to get the job done. Jenna's antics do not go unnoticed by the Vampiric High Council. When several representatives drop in to conduct the princess and duchess's one-year evaluation and are nearly taken out by a poorly-timed bomb, the council decides to put Jenna's skills as an agent to the test. If she can uncover whoever is behind the attack, the council will approve her arrangement with the princess. Otherwise, there's a locked coffin in her immediate future--a future she's just learned could include a living niece or nephew.

Violent Siren Press, 9781951603137, 252pp.

Publication Date: March 14, 2020