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Cover for The Recruiter

The Recruiter

Alexander Mukte


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This new thought fiction series explores pursuing your higher self, transcending ego and fear, the interconnectedness of all things in nature, and the importance of listening to the universe.

A 2022 International Book Awards winner, The Recruiter is "one of those well-written, nuanced books" that will "keep you guessing, keep you thinking... an impressive read" (Reader Views). This series starter is a fast-paced, topical mystery focused on freedom and purpose while offering a different take on the "bad guy."

Ori may seem like an idealist, but he understands how this world works. Powerful people want to stay that way, and a degree of social order is needed to ensure that's possible. Ego can be dangerous...

However, Ori has proven what good can come from granting people certain freedoms through everything he has done as founder and CEO of the Singularity Group. Though he hoped otherwise, he knew the day might come when powerful opposing forces would threaten what he's built.

When a series of suspicious events escalate to an attempt on his life, Ori must use all he can to see the bigger picture and who or what is pulling the strings.

Will preserving his legacy be enough to protect our future?

With imaginative twists that span across time into the near future, this visionary mystery explores greater possibilities for humanity. The Recruiter is "an intriguing thriller" with an "intelligent storyline" that "feels quite original" (The BookLife Prize by Publishers Weekly).

Recognition for The Recruiter:

2022 International Book Awards Winner, African-American Fiction

2022 International Book Awards Finalist, Visionary Fiction

2021 American Fiction Awards Winner, African-American Fiction

2021 Royal Dragonfly Ebook Awards Winner, Mystery

2021 CIBA Finalist, Mystery & Mayhem

Three to Five Publishing LLC, 9781952030000, 328pp.

Publication Date: March 3, 2020