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Cover for The Breath of Those Forgotten

The Breath of Those Forgotten

Vaal'bara Historical Society - Volume IV

Kristen M. Chambers (Editor), Laurence P. Cromwell (Contribution by), Viktor H. Strangewayes


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-Warning: Book 4 in an ongoing series (spoilers below)-

Why is time such a relentless force in the lives of humans? Is it simply because of our mortality, or is it the notion that time is unyielding, unchangeable, impervious to our greatest wishes, to our most debilitating regrets? Some might say time is a tool, capable of correcting, useful for guiding. But how can that be true when tragedy seems just as likely as triumph? Of all people, this question weighs upon Laurence the most.

Choosing to manipulate time in an effort to correct the terrible events he had just suffered through, Laurence began again with Jillian at his side, achieving several victories. Ahso'lar, one of the Weapons of Legend, has been found, and the true identity of Cindee's wand has been revealed. Even Mor'dresh has shown signs of restoration after Jack's sacrifice, summoning the strength to repel its sinister influences. Now, with Vael'ehn on the run, his mind in tatters after the loss of his daughter, the Retrograde army defeated, and a demonic invasion seemingly neutralized, it might be tempting to declare the war over. But was the crushing loss of four heroes worth it?

p>In the fourth Volume of the Vaal'bara Historical Society, we find our group of heroes reunited and moving forward in their quest, but doubt has been cast upon Laurence's impulsive, reckless decisions, and he has once again been left on his own. Without his willingness to sacrifice everything, the constant danger and oppressive moral dilemmas could easily prove too much for the others. Will Laurence find a way to redeem himself, or will he fall further into darkness, allowing the shadows growing inside him to consume his soul?

For those searching for the truth, look no further; you have found what you seek. For those looking for a fantastic story, set in rich, continually-growing world, the Vaal'bara Historical Society series is an amalgamation of fantasy genres, with dark themes regarding death and demonic magic, but also a unique sense of humor that pervades the series. Time travel, technology, and alternate timelines intermingle with traditional fantasy elements, such as a unique magic system and mythical creatures. There are complex heroes and villains who often question their own values and morals when facing world-changing events, but also several offbeat and unusual characters who bring some humor and light to otherwise grim circumstances. What starts with a fleeting glimpse into a child's tragic accident, rapidly grows into a universe-encompassing, mind-bending journey toward what lies beyond the stars.

Vaalbara Historical Society, 9781952529030, 386pp.

Publication Date: April 20, 2020