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Cover for Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution

Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution

A Mystic's Guide to the Afterlife & Reaching Your Highest Potential

Barbara Y. Martin, Dimitri Moraitis


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When we think of heaven and the hereafter, we think of the moment when we die. Yet the Great Beyond is so much more. Heaven is the foundation to your spiritual unfoldment here in physical life. It is the master key to the spiritual mysteries. Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution inspires you to make your soul's growth an even stronger priority in your life. Based on fifty years of clairvoyant experience, Martin and Moraitis take you on an extraordinary journey through the many dimensions that exist in the world of spirit. They offer a clear picture of how spiritual growth is the process of evolving through the many inner realms of life, what the road to heaven looks like, and how the destiny of every soul is to reach the spiritual pinnacle. Learn effective meditations with Divine Light to increase your connection to the heaven worlds, unlock your creative potential, and accelerate your spiritual unfoldment. Complete with full-color illustrations by fine artist Jonathan Wilshire, the breadth and splendor of the spiritual worlds come vividly alive in this life-changing book. Discover: -The process of evolving to the heaven worlds and to your ultimate destination. -What the various spiritual realms are like including the astral, mental, causal, and etheric as well as the heavenly dimensions. -How you are receiving inspiration from the heavenly realms now. -Practical guidelines and meditative exercises to better align with your spiritual growth and the incredible Divine Plan you are part of. -The role reincarnation, angels, Divine Light, and your auric field play in the evolutionary process. -Ways to avoid psychic dangers and pitfalls on the spiritual path. -Answers to such questions as: -What is life like in the hereafter? -How do I climb up the spiritual ladder? -Do my actions here really determine what my life will be like on the other side? -Are there cultures and societies on the other side? -Do we see loved ones? Do we see God?

Spiritual Arts Institute, 9781954944022, 292pp.

Publication Date: October 20, 2021