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Cover for Mama Bear Says Pocket Wisdom

Mama Bear Says Pocket Wisdom

Heather Dakota


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Mama Bear Says is an illustrated pocket oracle to encourage and support your spiritual journey. Mama Bear's nurturing wisdom comes down through the ages, as her gentle guidance holds you when life gets chaotic and obstacles appear.

Use this book for your spiritual practice or as a pocket oracle. Intuitively color the repeating illustrations for a special meditation. Mama Bear has a big lap and wide arms to hold us all. Ask for her support, and she'll be there with her loving embrace of inspiration and to hear about your pain and sorrow and transform them into happiness and joy.

"Mama Bear Says is so needed right now The words and images truly feel like a warm embrace from a wise and kind soul. There is comfort or guidance within these pages. It feels beautifully reassuring and restorative to have this warm comfort and wisdom to nestle into."

- Tracey Lewindon, Aromatherapist

"This little book is comforting and supportive, opening doors inside your own heart. The affirmations are for anyone who wants to pause, listen, and receive gentle guidance about living more intentionally. Mama Bear's messages are relevant for today, and yet, hold timeless simplicity and wisdom. A wonderful gift for yourself and those who appreciate an invitation for Self-reflection." - Francine Bonjour-Carter, Writer, Artist, Meaning-Maker

"Mama Bear Says is rich with simple, yet profound guidance to use as a daily affirmation, clarify decisions, or check-in with your Self. Mama Bear picks up on energies that you may not be aware of. This book is nourishment for your soul and soothing for your mind." - Kelly Beard, Shamanic Astrologer

"Mama Bear Says is a work of art. Between its covers lives a powerful collection of practices and ways of being that can provide strength, courage, and comfort for life's journey." - Sharon Hope Fabriz, Author, Circling Toward Home

Wyrd & Wyld Publishing, 9781955346023, 154pp.

Publication Date: June 21, 2021