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Cover for The Shadow Cartel

The Shadow Cartel

Layton Green


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The fourth book in the bestselling, critically-acclaimed, optioned-for-film Mystery & Thriller series.

The sins of the past always return...

The General.

A name whispered in hushed tones among the criminal underworld, from Miami to Buenos Aires. A name even the drug cartels fear.

Yet the General is a man without a face. There are no fingerprints on file, no known base of operations, not even a biographical sketch. He operates in the shadows, but somehow controls a vast criminal empire. And he has never made a direct incursion onto U.S. soil-until now.

In Miami, disgraced DEA agent Fred Hernandez is called to investigate a bizarre crime scene, where the bodies of four drug dealers are sprawled around an iron cauldron. Even stranger is the mysterious 'blue lady' that a drug-addled witness claims killed the men. Lana Valenciano, an ambitious CIA operative, informs Agent Hernandez that the murders might be connected to a legendary South American criminal known as the General. Lana claims the General has become a threat to national security-but has no idea how to find him.

The government's best hope? Private investigators Dominic Grey and Viktor Radek, who might be the only people alive with the skills to unravel the General's tangled web.

Thrown together on a covert manhunt, Grey and the two agents delve into the darkest reaches of international drug trafficking, only to unearth a sinister chapter in the history of the CIA that has spilled into the present-and put them in the crosshairs of an underworld puppeteer with a frightening reach.

Sixth Street Press, 9781955804011, 346pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2021