Giant Men and Violent Women (Paperback)

By Clover Blaire

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781976182761, 334pp.

Publication Date: September 18, 2017



You may believe in slavery; you just don't realize it. Take Presley Ann for instance. Prisons are closed; inmates are free-well, kind of. They now serve their term through hard labor. Well, what did The Liberals expect to happen when they asked for a reformed prison system? Presley Ann finds herself in an odd situation where she welcomes three former inmates into her home as part of America's Prison Work Program. For her, the set-up is strange but, having a cook, a maid, and a driver-for free-isn't so bad. It takes fiery protests and the murder of a governor for her to discover that not everyone agrees with the Prison Work Program-or the men who created it. Presley Ann soon notices that some of the other prisoners in the Prison Work Program aren't treated too kindly by their bosses. She begins to question the humanity of the program, but finds herself in a peculiar situation, when she falls for one of the men who created it.

About the Author

Clover Blaire was born and raised in New England and is the direct descendant of a convicted witch. She majored in History, married a guy she met in class, had two kids with him and then wrote her first novel. Clover eats lobster for breakfast, has a tarot card reading every day, confesses her sins to her priest every Thursday, and eats Bob Marley's "One Love" ice cream straight out of the tub every night. Currently, she lives in Boston, summers in Maine, drives to Vermont for ice cream, and spends Christmas in New Hampshire. She refuses to leave New England. http: //