A Life of Turmoil (Paperback)

The Short Stories of Ana Franken, 08150017

By Ashley Conner (Editor), Johanna Sparrow

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781976449000, 154pp.

Publication Date: September 16, 2017

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It doesn't matter how fast or strong I get, I'll never outrun her or be stronger than her. Mother is strong and has many lives. She keeps me as her servant and her bitch. I'm a mistake that she desperately tries to cover up. Mother would probably be ecstatic if I was a whore and a liar, but since I'm neither, she despises me. In time, you'll come to know why I've decided to tell the world my tumultuous story.I wouldn't recommend reliving an abusive past, but for the last forty-plus years, I've been living a lie. Daily, I'm finding broken pieces of myself scattered around because of how Mother and her sons shattered the real me. Now, I must put myself back together. I've beat myself up for staying in their lives far too long; hoping they'd eventually welcome, accept, and love me. But instead, I've continued to be used and abused. I'm often left with anger, rage, and thoughts of having their heads on a platter.Too much time has been wasted. I just want the world to know the true story of Ana Franken.