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Ravage the Dark (Scavenge the Stars) (Digital Audiobook)

By Tara Sim, Maria Liatis (Narrator)

Publication Date: March 8, 2021

Other Editions of This Title:
Paperback (3/1/2022)
Hardcover (3/9/2021)


They were here to chase a miracle, but the true miracle would be finding a way to undo all her mistakes. For seven long years, Amaya Chandra has had only one plan: to survive. Now, survival is not enough. After escaping Moray by the skin of her teeth, Amaya has people relying on her for protection, for leadership, and for vengeance. Although dead set on putting a stop to the counterfeit currency running rampant in Moray, Amaya’s even more determined to track down the man responsible—the one who betrayed them all. Cayo Mercado has lost everything: his money, his father, and his reputation. All he has left is his sister, yet with no way to afford the treatment for her deadly illness, he may lose her as well. In a foreign empire under the grip of ash fever, Cayo has no choice but to work with Amaya to uncover the mystery of the counterfeit currency, the fever, and how his father may have brought them about. But Cayo still hasn’t forgiven Amaya for her earlier deception, and their complicated feelings for each other are becoming harder to ignore. Through glittering galas, dazzling trickery, and thrilling heists, Cayo and Amaya will learn that the corruption in Moray goes far deeper than they know. In the end, the only people they can trust just might be each other. In the conclusion to this stunning duology, Tara Sim takes readers on a heartpounding journey through an opulent world filled with risk, romance, and revenge.