Amish Guys Don't Call (Paperback)

By Debby Dodds

Blue Moon Publishers, 9781988279435, 278pp.

Publication Date: June 13, 2017



What's more awkward than finding out you're dating a vampire or a werewolf? Finding out you're dating an Amish guy. That's the dilemma facing Samantha Stonesong in Amish Guys Don't Call. Newly accepted into the popular girl's clique called "The Sherpas" led by mean girl, Hillary, Samantha already faces scrutiny and anxiety at the start of her junior year. She's also entering into her first romance with a guy named Zach who she suspects might be a "player" because he acts suspiciously guarded. They share a love of horror movies and he's the first person since her father left after her parents' divorce, who makes her feel proud of her intelligence. But when she finds out the truth: that Zach was raised Amish, but has chosen not to end his Rumspringa, instigating a potential shunning from his family, things really get stressful. When Zach returns to the Amish community to help his family through a rough time and her new friends start cyber-bullying her, Sam reaches a breaking point and falls back into her old habit of shoplifting. Luckily when she's caught, it's by a compassionate former hippie who helps her to reclaim her life, reconnect with her dad, and determine what values and people are really important to her. And in doing so, Samantha finds out everyone has secrets.