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Story 10x

Turn the Impossible Into the Inevitable

Michael Margolis


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Great leaders are great storytellers.

If you want to disrupt, inspire, and persuade--go beyond the data. You need a story. As a leader, you can't ask your team to invest in a vision or a strategy they don't fully understand or believe in--especially when your ideas challenge the status quo. At a time when disruption is redefining every quadrant of life, those who can get their story straight can win over even the most reluctant audience.

Drawing on 30,000 years of storytelling, Story 10x delivers a fresh approach for how to inspire and influence in the digital age. Most people think of storytelling as "once upon" fairy tales or how to tell a better anecdote. In reality, getting clear on your strategic narrative is how you navigate hypergrowth. In these pages, you'll learn how to craft an Undeniable Story--a 3-step narrative framework for any high-stakes presentation. Apply the same strategies embraced by Google, Facebook, and Hulu to communicate some of their biggest breakthroughs. Invest in your story, and you can literally bend the limits of time, money, and people.

Discover your Undeniable Story. Next time you're in front of senior leaders, investors, customers, or your team, make it difficult--if not impossible--for them to reject the future you're trying to create. Harness the magic of Story 10x, and turn the impossible into the inevitable.

Storied, 9781989025581, 208pp.

Publication Date: October 8, 2019